Hello World!

>>>print("Hello World!") Hello World!

Every person who can write a line of computer code, or two would know the importance of the above print statement. This is our way of saying Hi to the world. Nothing fancy, really. I think I can safely assume that it is the most recognizable piece of code. Succinct, yet eloquent. Probably one of the reasons why I chose Python to kick-start my startup.

This blog, I'm hoping will help me write more often. We all need a hobby to exercise, and I guess this is what will keep me fit.

I know my post is all over the place, and I guess it is because I'm excited at the prospect of showing the world my work, my photography, my thoughts regarding a whole lot of things, and the occasional political musings. Above all, this blog is going to be a diary of sorts where I could scribble my adventures about the startup, and all things regarding to life.

See you around,
Pratheek Adidela